Stay Driven - How We Became Successful Entrepreneurs

While it's true that many of our posts here at BottlePro are for our business and the products we have or are developing, there's a reason why our blog title includes the phrase "Stay Driven."  We're referring to entrepreneurship and people who want to go out on their own to make their lives the way they want them to be.  We want to share with you how we became entrepreneurs and advice based on our experiences to show how you can do it too.  There's no magic secret or formula necessarily that will get you there.  Rather the most important part (and challenge) of being an entrepreneur is being able to stay driven.

For ourselves, we are unexpected entrepreneurs.  My wife and I went through college, got great jobs as a lawyer and engineer respectively, and were "living the dream."  But there was a part of me that was fascinated in possibly owning my own business.  By working at a small company, I knew the owners very well and am aware of their story.  How they took a huge risk (including 2nd mortgages on their homes) to get a small drilling business started, and now it's grown to provide great jobs for over 50 employees.

But even with knowing the founders of my company and their stories, starting my own business still seemed out of reach with too many risks and obstacles to overcome to be worth trying.  There just wasn't enough time in the day.  Or even worse, we could try publicly and fail (which ended up happening MULTIPLE times...).  But as we found out, success can come from the most unlikely places.  We made it work, and now my wife and I are self-employed, purchased our first RV, and are getting ready to cruise the western US for a few months all while working remotely!  Now we can truly tell people that we ARE living the dream.

BottlePro RV, the "BottlePro-mobile"

Check out the BottlePro-mobile!

So throughout this blog, we'll give a few updates here and there on our new products, specials, and gift bundles that we come out with.  But just as important, we want to share our experiences to open the door for other people to join in this lifestyle.  We had so much help and inspiration from people along the way that encouraged us to continue, and that's the kind of support and inspiration we want to pass on to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

So sign up for our newsletter, and who knows, maybe we'll see you at an RV park one day after you've made it too!

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