Notes from the Road - Week 9, and the End for Now

When I wrote last week's post, we were planning on spending another week in Glacier before heading over to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Instead, I'm writing this post from the public library in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We discovered that late summer in Montana can get a little chilly, especially at the elevations where we were going. We also discovered that being on the road for this long was starting to wear us down. And to top it off, we racked up our third and fourth flat tires. Luckily both those tires were still covered by warranty and didn't cost us anything but time to get fixed, but the experience took the wind out of our sails.

Once we'd decided to end the trip early, we started heading south like a pair of snowbirds.

On the way south, we stopped for a night a Nine Mile Canyon, a place we've always wanted to check out. We were lucky enough to have clear skies and be treated to some great stars.

We stopped just outside of Salt Lake City and enjoyed an evening with one of Mike's coworkers before continuing south.

We stopped just outside of Moab, Utah, and camped just outside of Arches National Park - one of our favorite places. We were treated to a fantastic sunrise that reminded me of one of the first sunrises we saw on our first trip to Arches.

Before continuing on, we managed to go on an early morning hike on one of the few dog-friendly trails in the area. Odie had a blast, but the trail had lots of poison ivy and it was tough making sure no one was brushing up against it. 

We got to Grand Junction early this week, and have been busy looking at houses and office spaces. We're still camping up on some BLM land outside of town and have been treated to lots of late afternoon thunderstorms. Can you spot the rainbow we saw yesterday?

It's the end of the road for now - we're getting back to the "real world" of bills, moving house, and going to work every day. We've had a blast on this trip and are already planning the next one. It just won't be quite as long next time!

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