Notes from the Road - Week 8

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully everyone has a good, relaxing holiday today.

We've spent the last week around Columbia Falls, Montana, dipping in and out of Glacier National Park every few days. There's also been a good bit of rain, which means we've spent a little more time at the library than we'd planned. Luckily, the libraries around here are great places to hang out!

We learned that there are several active wildfires around the area. It's fairly common for this time of year, and the smoke gives awesome color to the sunrise and sunsets. 

Speaking of sunrise, we've done a lot more early morning hiking. We got up super early and drove to the Polebridge section of the park, arriving before the sun was up. 

Our early-early morning hike was well worth it though - this is the meadow and lake at the end of Hidden Meadow trail. We spent lots of time pondering on what kind of animal left their calling card on the side of the trail. We suspect mostly coyotes and wolves, but did see one smear of digested berry seeds that looked like they came from a black bear. And we made sure to make enough noise to keep the bear from getting too interested.

We took a whole day to drive along Going-to-the-Sun Road, where we got the most incredible views of the park's valley. We feel like we could spend weeks exploring all the trails that were along this road. 

On the east side of the park, we did a little bit of exploring for a potential future campsite. Hiking in the brush, I stumbled across this old classic car. Looks like it's mostly just used for target practice and as a shelter for small animals these days.

We're spending the rest of the week hanging around Glacier, hoping to get some more good hikes in. 

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