Notes from the Road - Week 5

Last week we worked our way up the coast into Washington. We managed to stay quite busy with seeing the sights. And, for something completely different, we thought we'd both share our thoughts on the last week.

Pamela: We spent a good part of our week camped out at Twin Harbors State Park. It was just a short walk from the ocean, and I enjoyed going there every morning at dawn to walk and take pictures.

Mike: She finally let me sleep in until a reasonable hour for four days in a row. Sleep is good.

Pamela: After (a) drinking too much seawater and waking us up in the middle of the night to potty, and (b) eating too much sand while playing frisbee on the beach, we had to come up with some beach entertainment for Odie. The result: Odie in the middle, which is a lot like monkey in the middle. Mike and I toss the frisbee back and forth to each other, and Odie tries to jump up and catch it. It's hard to tell who's having the most fun!

Mike: Odie in the middle is an excellent frisbee game ... anything to keep the beast entertained (Odie, not Pamela). Dog tired. People tired. Games. Sleep.

Pamela: We went to the Westport Winery to do a wine tasting,  but we had no idea they also had interesting gardens, sculptures, and a vineyard maze. We spent an hour after the wine tasting just wandering around looking at all the cool stuff they had.

Mike: All sorts of weird but cool things. According to the medicine wheel, we discovered I am a beaver and Pamela is an otter. Pamela is definitely a sea otter, since according to another pamphlet we got from Olympic National Park, sea otters get to be about five feet tall and eat lots of shellfish. She hasn't stopped eating seafood since we got to the coast, and she's about five feet tall...

Pamela: We went to the Westport Maritime Museum, which is housed in the old Coast Guard building. It was like your typical small-town museum with exhibits donated by local residents, but it was well-curated and had a wide range of exhibits. The end of the tour was a separate building that houses the lens from the old lighthouse. Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed for tours, so we missed out on that.

Mike: We went to a museum, so we should be good on "culture" for about a month, right?

Pamela: We moved camp to a spot in the national forest just outside of Quinault. It was a pretty perfect spot, except for the weird box with a pile of bones on top. I'm guessing it was once a chicken, but it was a little hard to tell. 

Mike: Sometimes it's nice to be back in the woods, but it meant she started dragging me out of bed before dawn everyday. Who does that? Also, the bones were weird.

Pamela: On our last day at the campsite, we drove down to Ruby Beach for sunrise. It meant getting up pretty early, but as the sun started to burn off the fog, it was worth it.

Mike: [Bleep] pre-dawn. Ruby Beach. Really cool rocks. Would have been better with less fog. Long afternoon nap was great.

Pamela: We've moved camp again, to another spot outside Forks, Washington. (Yep, that Forks. Nope, no vampires or werewolves.) The Quinault Library near our old campsite was under construction, which hampered our ability to get work done. Luckily, the Forks library is fantastic, even if Bella thought it was inadequate for her reading needs. They even do interlibrary loan!

Mike: Who are these "Bella" and "Edward" characters people keep talking about?

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