Notes From the Road - Week 2

After our first two weeks of RV-ing we’ve (maybe) managed to find our groove. Plus, we finally got our black water tank fixed, so we can now take our trip to some of the cooler places we’d envisioned when we set out.

Morgan Lake near La Grande, Oregon

We started out the week at Morgan Lake outside of La Grande, Oregon. It’s a free recreation site and allows camping for up to 7 days. Our campsite was just 30 feet from the lake, so it afforded us some incredible views during our stay. There was also a nice little hiking trail that went all the way around the lake, which we all managed to walk every day while we were there.

You can just see the outline of the Oregon Trail between the lines of rocks...

From Morgan Lake, we set out to Kennewick, Washington for our RV repairs. On the way, we paid a visit to the Blue Mountain Pass of the Oregon Trail. You can actually see where the trail used to be because the wagon wheels ground down the rocks the pioneers drove over.

Carefree RV Repair in Kennewick really took care of us. Our black water tank was repaired in just under half a day. Once we were finished with laundry and groceries, we set out for our next destination, the Wenatchee National Forest outside Mount Rainier.

Sunset through the fog at Wentachee National Forest

We’re still working on finding the best free campsites when we’re staying out in the woods. Our current campsite is fantastic, but a little crowded and it cost a whopping $20 for a three night stay. While we’re here, we explored a little bit of the forest and dipped our toes into Mount Rainier, the most glaciated peak in the continental U.S.

Mount Rainier National Park

This week, we’ll be exploring Mount Rainier a little bit more, then making our way to Mount St. Helens.



P.S. This post was brought to you courtesy of the Timberland Regional Library system, which offers free Wi-Fi at its locations. Since we haven't exactly had cell service for the last week, Wi-Fi at libraries has been essential to everything we do.

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