Notes From the Road

You might have heard that Bottle Pro is hitting the road for three months. By popular demand from friends and family, here are some snapshots of where we’ve been!

We hit the road in our RV at 5 pm on a Saturday – a little later than we’d hoped – and went to our first set of campsites around Twin Falls, Idaho. It was there that we discovered a crack in our black water tank. That’s the tank that holds everything that gets flushed down the toilet until you can get back to civilization. Luckily, we hadn’t used the toilet when we discovered the leak, so it was nearly as crappy a situation as it could have been.


With no toilet, our camping options have been a little more restricted than we’d planned. But we still managed to see some pretty cool things in Idaho as we work our way to Washington to get the repairs done.

Our first stop was the Shoshone Falls State Park to see some pretty cool waterfalls…

Bottle Pro goes to Shoshone Falls

Then we went to the Perrine Bridge, which was the tallest bridge in the world when it was built in the 1920s. It’s also near the canyon rim where Evel Knievel tried to jump the canyon. (He failed, but survived with a broken nose as his only injury.)

Bottle Pro goes to the Perrine Bridge

We drove through the Sawtooth National Forest for some easy hikes and great views…

Our last big stop in Idaho was Craters of the Moon National Monument, which is dominated by old lava fields, lava tubes, and spatter cones. The landscape was wild and desolate, but the weather was great. We got to go into some of the lava tubes, and it was like seeing Mike in his natural habitat from his mining engineering days.

Bottle Pro goes to Craters of the Moon

We bade farewell to Idaho and made our way up to Oregon. Our route from Idaho through Oregon closely tracked the Oregon Trail, as Interstate 84 actually follows the original trail for long stretches.

We ended up at a campsite on Catherine Creek in Oregon. We were able to hike the trails every morning, and Odie got to splash in the creek.

Odie hiking the trail above Catherine Creek in Oregon

This week we’re briefly in Oregon, and will cross into Washington to repair our black water tank. We’ll be in Washington for the rest of the month, so if you have any recommendations, give us a holler.

And if you want to see even more pictures, there are a ton over on Instagram! We’re using the hashtag #bprv16 to collect all the photos for our trip, so be sure to check it out!

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  • Dorothy Brown

    So nice to be able to follow along as you make this trip. Be careful. Aunt Dorothy

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