5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Reusable Water Bottle - Reason #3 - Cost

We're getting back on track with our series on the top 5 reasons why you should invest in a reusable water bottle.  Today's topic...cost.

#3 – Spend your money wisely! (Cost)

Picture this.  You’re driving along on a hot, sunny day, and you decide to make a stop for something to drink.  You walk into the convenience store and grab a bottle of water, pay about $2, and you’re on your way again.  It’s quick, easy, and refreshing.

What’s not refreshing is stopping to think about what you actually are spending.  Imagine you do this every other day.  That’s about 180 times a year you’re stopping and buying a disposable water bottle…a total of $360 per year!  Now compare that to the price of a really good insulated water bottle (~$25-$35) that will last you for many years to come!

Think of it another way…you equal the cost of a really good water bottle after just one month.  That's a lot of dinero.

Most gas stations and restaurants I’ve been to don’t care if I top off my water bottle.  I’ve either already paid for gas or was planning to purchase something else for the drive.  Just ask the attendant/cashier before you fill your bottle and make sure they’re OK with it.  Even if you’re not planning to spend money on something else, I guarantee that most times they won’t mind at all (and if they do mind, then there’s probably another store right down the road that will be more accommodating).

It seems penny-pinching at first, but after you look at the numbers, you realize you can actually save quite a bit of money by using a reusable water bottle.  Couple that with the fact that your water can remain insulated if you have a double-walled bottle (rather than with a disposable), and you’re saving money while also having a more refreshing drink on hand.  What is there to lose?

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